Award winning director, D.O.P and Series Director, Bruno has spent 25 years making visually powerful films, including popular primetime programming such as ‘The Great British Summer’ series, for BBC 1 mid-Sunday evenings, challenging polemical films such as ‘Holy Offensive’ (Channel 4), cutting-edge current affairs investigations such as ‘Private War’ for BBC 2 ‘This World’ (Peabody Awards) and ‘A Saudi Slave’ for C4’s Dispatches (Royal Television Society).

Bruno has made films for a wide range of national and international broadcasters including the BBC, Channel 4, Discovery, PBS, CBC and WDR, and he was the series producer of ‘Versailles Stories’ arts series produced for Discovery & the BBC. He has won extraordinary access to remarkable stories from remote parts of the globe including Papua New Guinea, most of sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Western China. He has extensive experience of working in difficult environments and situations and has produced one of the very few films made undercover in Saudi Arabia.

Industry awards include Royal Television Society (Best Foreign Current Affairs Documentary) One World Broadcasting Trust, (Best Network Documentary) Chicago Hugo Award, New York Film Festival (Finalist Award) British Environmental Media Awards (Best Documentary) and a Prix-Italia short listing.

Bruno started his career in the film editing, and then film camera departments at the BBC, before leaving to focus on making films on mainly environment and development issues: his acclaimed first major TV commission ‘Rivers of Sand’ (Channel 4), filmed over a period of a year in northern Mali, followed a human-environment crisis, and received over a dozen industry awards.

In addition to native English he speaks fluent Italian and French and has good working knowledge of Spanish and Portuguese. He holds dual Italian/UK Citizenship, and has a current US iVisa.

Bruno has attended various hostile environment training courses for journalists.